Time to Drum™

Corporate Educational Programs

“Time to Drum™” Educational Programs are designed to help each participant reach their maximum level of achievement in all they do!

Each session includes specific, practical techniques and methods which may be applied immediately,
as well as exercises to establish understanding and retention.

These programs are dynamic and interactive and are guaranteed to captivate, educate and motivate.

Team Building with Drums

This exciting hands-on workshop builds team spirit and cooperation through drumming! Ken will guide your group in an energizing percussion session which at the same time illustrates important lessons for the success of any group:


principles of organization


individual contribution


effective listening


timely action


“response - ability”


mutual support and trust

Drumming creates a direct experience of synergy, which carries over into the workplace and increases employee productivity and contentment. Treat your employees to this unique Drum Experience!

Be Your Best! Training for Success

A guide to achieving peak performance!

Would you like to train yourself to succeed in whatever you choose?

Drawing on a lifetime of personal experience, Ken will show you simple, yet highly effective techniques from Yoga and Martial Arts as well as self-discipline training, common sense nutrition and life-management principles that can be used by anybody, immediately, without previous training.

In this one powerful session, you will learn strategies to improve your effectiveness, increase confidence, develop your sense of power and enjoy high energy levels to jump-start your life on the road to success.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga is an ancient science designed to provide a multitude of physical and mental benefits. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Yoga and simple exercises that will maintain a fit and flexible body and mind. Also covered are relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and basic stretches that can be done anywhere. Ideal for office workers, these practices will reduce fatigue and increase focus and productivity in the work environment.

Yoga for Everyone

Ken Anoff's Corporate Programs “I believe that every human being has gifts and talents that when developed to their potential serve all of us as we face the challenges of the modern world, and exercise collective, conscious control over the shape of our common future. It is my purpose to provide the tools and informations necessary for each person to reach their maximum potential and achieve true, lifelong success in all fields of endeavor.”

Seminars can be scheduled as one hour, 90 minute, or two hour sessions.

Please contact Time to Drum to discuss a program tailored to the needs and interests of your organization.

Todos los programas están disponibles también en Español.

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