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Ken Anoff - Essential Drumming Skills - Volume 1

Ken Anoff - Essential Drumming Skills - Book

Essential Drumming Skills
Volume 1 - Mastering the Basics
(DVD & Book)

Everything you need to lay a strong foundation for drumming. Basic techniques, rhythmic structure, phrasing and time. For all hand drums! Djembe, Ashiko, Doumbek, Congas, Bongos, Cajon.

Over 150 rhythms, all included on the instructional DVD. Listen, Learn and Play.

The book that no drummer should be without! Perfect for beginners, and a wealth of material for intermediate drummers as well.

All rhythms are written in an easy to understand, precise notation, and each one is played repeatedly on the DVD.

A full year's worth of valuable studies for the price of a single drum lesson!

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DVD & Book - $49.00

Ken Anoff - Essential Drumming Drills

Essential Drumming Drills
Enhanced CD
(CD & PDF)

15 Essential Drills that every drummer should know. For all hand drums!

Each rhythm is explained fully, and played at two different tempos. Over 60 minutes of audio instruction! Includes 10 special Bonus Tracks for even more practice!

Full 7 pages of PDF documentation includes all drills written in standard notation and with drum sound notation. (Gun Dun go do Pa Ta)

Once learned, incredible results may be had practicing just 15 minutes per day!

With regular practice these drills will improve your drum technique tremendously, increasing your dexterity, speed, sound and confidence!

CD + PDF - $15

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